Friday, January 15, 2010

Anatomy Class

I have been trying to learn anatomy in a detailed fashion to be able to construct the figure from imagination. It will be a pretty big task, but a huge pay-off. I am starting from the ground up, using Rubin's Anatomy for Artists. I am beginning with more "medical" type strict drawings, and moving out to more expressive and dynamic posing and foreshortening.

I am starting with the skeleton. I started at the rib cage and moved out to the pelvis and skull. I ended with the limbs, and started putting it all together. The pelvis has been the most difficult, as its shape is pretty difficult to grasp for the purpose of memorization.

I'm going to start working on moving my blog over to my actual domain.  I will have considerable more control (I hate that I can't lay things out properly on here...) and will be going into more depth. If that happens I will keep this blog up for reference for a while, but will eventually remove it and provide a link to the new domain blog.

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