Thursday, October 30, 2008

Halloween and Cats

I'm really sick of the way blogspot does its text on these posts so I'm going to start doing the text as a separate post....

Anyway, this is the neighborhood cat, Soap, and the pumpkins we have carved. We = myself, Amber, my roommate David, and his girlfriend Paige. My pumpkins are the white, one eyed skull and the grinning face.

San Francisco - City

These are the pictures from my trip to San Francisco. The first picture here is Dad and my aunt Rita in Los Angeles before we made it over to SF.

San Francisco - Detail

Some detail shots from around SF

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Justice is Blind

This is a piece I made for Pixels and Pages. This is a character design I made. He is a judge. The show opens on October 28th.

Christmas Card

Christmas card competition for the OSU president's christmas card. I didn't win but it was a fun project.

United Way Goblets

These were created to benefit the United Way silent auction.