Monday, August 4, 2008

new post 1/3

okay long past due for some new posting. i bought amber a new pearl necklace for her birthday and i wanted to show it off. this post along with the next two are sort of one big post separated by content.

new post 2/3

okay these are a little difficult to explain. these follow my abstract watercolors that i've posted before. i started putting them on glasses and found that the extra layers add a lot to the style and can do some very interesting things. so i made one for my sister and brother in law (wine glass and beer pilsner respectively). his is supposed to vaguely resemble the marine symbol/logo and hers is a bit more vague - an infinite cross with wings. however, the two sides of the glass make up the image and viewed from the side take on different shapes. if this makes absolutely no sense to you im sure you're not alone, haha.

new post 3/3

okay. last of three new posts. these are old and new shots of different outdoor scenes and whatnot. the statue is a menorah from a jewish synagogue by utica square and i fell in love with it.