Monday, March 16, 2009

Self Portrait as John Connor

...because who needs to do homework? Not me...

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Creative Drought

I'm feeling like all of my creative juices are stagnating, so I made this post to encourage myself. Three different things, the first of which are some book illustrations for my senior show. They are an imaginary book published by the Discovery Channel to explain the names of groups of animals - the two shown are a Knot of Toads and a Rafter of Turkeys. I'm trying to use visual puns to implant the names in the readers' minds. The Knot of Toads illustration is finished (except for a catchy poem-like explanation) and the Rafter of Turkeys is still in sketch format. The little blobs down below are turkeys who have a fireman's trampoline to save the turkey in the rafters.

The other two posts are some random recent drawings, and then my first sculpture from Sculpture 1.

Random Drawings

Just some random drawings. One is a transformer tank. One is some random character doodle. One is the classic little wooden model thingy. And one is a doodle of my first sculpture.

Sculpture #1

My first sculpture for my Sculpture 1 class. Finished and pre-paint pictures, respectively. The idea is to be simultaneously 3 designs - weapon, creature, and vehicle. The vehicle version is a jet. The creature is a manta-ray type creature, but who is blind and senses its surroundings with the processes sticking off of the spine. The weapon design is heard to describe in words (I plan to make a diagram for the sketchbook I have to turn in) But basically, the base wraps around the forearm and the tip protrudes out, similar to a wrist sword. The base acts as a small buckler-type shield to parry away attacks and quickly counter attack with the tip. You could feasibly wear two for a crazy pair of weapons.